Locker Room Talk

Let’s go back in time a few months to that fateful day in October when now President Donald Trump casually brushed off sexual assault by calling it normal manly talk, things you hear all the time in locker rooms, totally fine because famous people can get away with things like that.

I remember when people and news articles came out in droves. This is the last straw! No excuse for bad behavior! American misogyny at its worst! Offensive to athletes!

I’m just glad Donald Trump is “telling it like it is.” It certainly helps me to better understand exactly what he means. My strongest memory of someone talking in a locker room comes from first grade, when my female classmates and I would be in our locker room changing out of our school uniforms and into clothes for gym class. “Hurry up girls, you’re taking too long!” Mr. S would say as he’s standing in the open doorway of the locker room watching us. “I’m not leaving until you’ve all finished changing.” When we told our parents about this, the typical response was, “Well, you are pretty slow at getting ready in the mornings, he probably was trying to just keep to the schedule!”

And that’s not the first time an authority figure I knew growing up (teacher, pastor, community leader, adult family friend, etc.) was eventually arrested for child pornography or sexual assault. It was, however, the first time that such an event led to a family wedding. Mr. S’s ex-wife following this incident ended up marrying my second cousin.


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