Climate Change is NOT a Hoax

We’ve all seen the C-SPAN video of Senator James Inhofe throwing a snowball to prove that global warming is a hoax.

I would just like to point out that if you live in the Great Lakes area in the so-called “snow belt,” more snow is actually proof that global warming is NOT a hoax. The snow belt area gets tons of snow because cold Canadian air comes across the lakes, picks up the water and dumps it on the US side of the lakes as snow.

Growing up, I remember lots and lots of snow between October and January. After January, though, it would get much colder and the lake would freeze over and we’d rarely get snow (at least not the “lake-effect” wet, snowball making snow). The fact that now we’re seeing more snow in February and March means that it hasn’t gotten cold enough to freeze the lake as it normally used to do. Global warming, my friends.

Back in January, we had 2 whole days where the temperature was below 0 Fahrenheit. You should have heard all the people complaining about how miserable it is. An older lady at the supermarket even randomly commented to me, “See, global warming can’t possibly be a thing, it’s FREEZING out!” Yes, it is freezing out (in fact, it was freezing for most of winter anytime the temperature was below 32F). But do you really have such short a memory? Two days of cold weather in January is not something to be alarmed about. It’s winter. We live close to Canada. You know what is something to be alarmed about? NOT having cold weather from October through April like we used to have regularly up until around 10 years ago.

And before anyone comments that I’m missing the point about the differences between global warming and climate change; between climate and weather; the nuances of climate change causing very extreme weather patterns; etc. Trust me, I know.

Mostly, I just wanted to show you what a strawman fallacy is, or in this case, I’ll call it a snowman fallacy. The best way to deal with a snowman fallacy is to just let it melt away because this isn’t the real issue we should be talking about anyways, it’s just there to distract us. Don’t worry though, the snowman will easily melt without any of your effort… because you know, climate change is not a hoax.


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