This blog has nothing to do with an actual ship sailing on the Red Sea. Sorry if this is disappointing for you.

Think of it like an expat blog. You know those ones I’m talking about: “Tales of an American living in Mongolia!” except this one is more like “Tales of an American living in America, specifically living back in the town I grew up in” because despite working in international development and traveling and seeing a myriad of cultures and lifestyles, the greatest culture shock has been moving back home.

Sometimes this blog will be political, as I’ve now found myself as the “crazy, always-traveling-to-places-we’ve-never-heard-of, black-sheep socialist” surrounded by Trump’s America. Sometimes it will be the idiosyncrasies of trying to live the quiet small-town, Middle America┬álife while having a strong global vantage point that clearly diverges from most people around me. Still other times, it will be those hilarious family stories that are just too crazy to be made up, in an “only in my hometown” sort of way.

The point here is not to poke fun at my family or community, both of whom I love dearly, but rather to better understand how to navigate my blue ship in a red sea – how to be a Global Citizen in an increasingly isolationist world – and appreciate the journey. In times of stress where you’re never sure whether to cry or laugh, it’s almost always better to laugh.